Brez nasal inserts review

Snoring may seem like a lighthearted ailment that we occasionally annoy our spouses with, but it also comes along with many side effects. According to WebMD, snoring can lead to interrupted sleep for you as well as your spouse.

A few sleep interruptions here and there may not seem incredibly serious, but after a while it can have all sorts of negative effects on your (and your spouse’s) mood, such as irritability, sluggishness, and even depression. It can also lead to Sleep Apnea, a fairly serious condition in which your airways are blocked during sleep.

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Thankfully, the Brez Premium Nasal Breathing Aid may be an affordable solution to all of those problems. It is a compact device that is worn inside the nose during sleep. Plenty of people, including myself, have experienced easier sleep as a result of using this product, and here are some reasons why.

Product features and benefits

Brez Comes in Three Different Sizes

Let’s face it, our noses all come in different sizes. A one size fits all device for snoring would be very unlikely to please everyone. That’s why it’s essential for a product such as this to be varied enough to aid everyone. Once the Brez Sleep Aid is placed inside the nose it proceeds to expand, which eliminates any unnecessary vibrations taking place within the nose, and preventing you from snoring.

It Can Be Used Alongside Any Medication

It’s important to note that many people who suffer from snoring may also require sleep therapy medications. This will not be a problem for anyone using the Brez Nasal Breathing Aid. Not only can it be used along with any medication, but it also made of safe materials. No latex or chemicals were used in the making of this device, which ultimately means that those with allergies need not hesitate to purchase this product.

The Price Tag Is Extremely Fair

You can’t afford to not give this product an honest try. It’s astronomically cheaper than most of the available alternatives, and plenty of people out there have been absolutely satisfied with it. This is a worthy investment, but at a price like this you could hardly call it an “investment.”

It Works Better Than A Nasal Strip

Several reviewers on have raved about this products effeciency when compared to nasal strips. There is no adhesive, which means no constant worry over whether or not something is sticking to the inside of your nose. Unlike the strips, the Brez Nasal Breathing Aid is packaged with foolproof, easy to follow directions. This product can be used during the day as well; one customer even reported that they use it while they exercise!

It Can Preemptively Stop Sleep Apnea

Many of us who snore are at a high risk for Sleep Apnea. This is a condition where the sufferer temporarily stops breathing in their sleep. This is generally not serious, but it only takes one serious episode to cause a prolonged lack of breathing, which could have fatal results.

I have a few relatives who suffer from this condition and they are forced to use a CPAP machine while they sleep. A CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine gently forces air into the sleeper’s lungs, so as to avoid any serious Sleep Apnea episodes. The machine is fairly bulky, and the user is required to wear a mask during their sleep. They’re not cheap either!


If you or a loved one snores, it makes much more sense to wear a comfortable, affordable device such as the Brez Nasal Breathing Aid, than to risk being hooked up to a machine that costs several hundred dollars. Buying the Brez Nasal Breathing Aid could save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

If you suffer from snoring, an extremely affordable solution may only be a couple clicks away at, where several satisfied customers have reviewed the product.