Hearos ear plugs review

Hearing is a precious gift that we should all do our best to protect and maintain. The loss of hearing can lead to some pretty serious health complications and that’s why it’s important to always be equipped with a pair of nice earplugs. I’ve found that, while trying a little bit of everything that’s out there, the earplugs designed by Hearos provided a level of in-ear noise reduction that the competition just couldn’t touch.

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The folks at Hearos have designed a reasonably priced set of ear plugs that could help you out in a number of ways. If you work in construction, music/audio engineering, factories, or any number of other occupations that involve a constant stream of loud noises, you don’t want to be left without a good set of plugs. Here are some facts to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing a pack of their plugs.

Benefits of the Hearos ear plugs

They Have A 33 Noise Reduction Rating

The manufacturers of this product boast that it is equipped with a 33 NRR rating. For those uninitiated with sonic terminology, this means that these ear plugs will reduce the volume of your surroundings by 33 decibels. A concrete driller or leaf blower is around 90 decibels, and a chain saw is about 100 decibels. If you are exposed to anything around 100 decibels for long enough, you run the risk of permanently losing your hearing.

Prolonged exposure to 90 decibels of noise can also lead to slight hearing loss. Thankfully the promise of reducing 33 decibels of your surrounding noise means that permanent or even mild hearing loss is something that you will not have to worry about with a pair of Hearos Xtreme Protection ear plugs.

These Earplugs Provide Amazing Comfort

Once these ear plugs are inserted into your ears, they will expand and you will feel a light pressure inside your ears. I’ve found that this is something that will go away once they’re in for just a few minutes. I used to live in an apartment complex where abrasively loud construction would take place outside my window. I put these plugs in one morning to test their effectiveness and went about my day.

I initially was disappointed that no construction was taking place to test how well these earplugs reduce noise, but was pleasantly surprised when my spouse arrived home to tell me that construction had been taking place all day! That’s how great these ear plugs work. You hardly notice them in your ears, but they greatly reduce any surrounding noise.

Hearing Loss Can Have a Detrimental Effect On Your Life

According to the Mayo Clinic, hearing loss can greatly reduce your quality of life. Among other things, hearing loss can lead to depression and anxiety. It can also make you believe that people are angry with you, because everyone is forced to yell when they speak with you. This can have very serious and negative effects on your well being, but these ear plugs can nip all of those problems in the bud, and for an extremely affordable price as well.

They Provide A Good Night’s Rest

Hearing loss isn’t the only potential problem these plugs are proven to eliminate. If you wear these while you sleep, especially if you live in an apartment complex with loud neighbors, you’ll find that you’re sleeping much easier than ever before. A good night’s sleep can do wonders for your life, and I can’t recommend these plugs enough if you haven’t been sleeping well, or are suffering from interrupted sleep. A good night’s rest will have immediate and overwhelmingly positive results in improving your quality of life.