Nasivent tube review

nasivent-anti-snoring-and-sleep-apnea-aid-1Does your spouse snore heavily? According to the Vancouver Sleep and Breathing Center, around 60% of spouses complain of their significant other snoring, and around 25% – 50% of people report being afflicted by this condition. It may seem like a joke to some, but snoring is a serious condition that can eventually lead to Sleep Apnea, a condition that causes airways to temporarily shut off during sleep.

Smoking and stress are just a few causes of snoring, but whatever the case may be, there are plenty of affordable solutions out there for you, and the Nasivent Snoring and Sleep Apnea Aid does its best to stand apart from the rest.

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The Nasivent sleep aid is a nasal dilator that comes in several sizes and gently assists your nasal pathways in your sleep, preventing you from snoring, and your spouse from being constantly woken up. I suffer from snoring myself, and have tried a number of similar products, so here are a few reasons I think the Nasivent Snoring and Sleep Apnea Aid stands out from the crowd.

Benefits of Nasivent tubes

Nasivent Is Reusable, Unlike Nasal Adhesive Strips

Not only are nasal adhesive strips more expensive than Nasivent, but they are disposable. Nasivent is built to last longer than one night, and will last you many nights as long as you wash the product daily and keep it stored in its carrying case. I wash mine as soon as I wake up in the morning. It only takes a few minutes, and it only makes sense to wash this device as soon as you’re finished. Just put Nasivent in its carrying case and take it anywhere. You never know where you’ll end up, so Nasivent’s portability and reusability definitely allow it to stand high above the competition, particularly the alternative of expensive nasal Adhesive strips.

You Could Be Saving More Than Just Money

nasivent-anti-snoring-and-sleep-apnea-aid-2Nasivent comes in, and for something that will last you longer than one night, it’s a smart investment. Snoring is one thing, but if you suffer from Sleep Apnea, this could work wonders for your sleeping habits. Maybe you have a CPAP machine already, but if not, you would be doing yourself a huge favor by trying out Nasivent first. Sleep Apnea is a potentially serious condition that cuts off your breathing in your sleep. If you think you suffer from this condition, Nasivent also provides a take home test that you can perform on yourself to make sure. There’s no reason you should continue to suffer when solutions are out there for reasonable prices.

This Product Is FDA Approved

Unlike sleep aids that contain Latex and other harmful materials, Nasivent is entirely safe and has been reviewed by the FDA. Nasivent is composed so that no germs or microbiological life are able to form on the material. This is crucial when considering which sleep aid to purchase. The forming of germs on a device such as this could lead to problems much more severe than snoring or even Sleep Apnea. Rest easy knowing that Nasivent has gone through multiple testing phases and will only prevent problems, not cause more.


Nasivent Provides Optimal Comfort and a Personal Fit

The manufacturers of Nasivent are well aware that not all noses are the same, and that’s why they developed this product in four different sizes: Extra Small (7 mm), Small (8.5 mm), Medium (10 mm), and Large (12 mm). All forms of the device will adjust specifically to your nose, but the added option of choosing between four different sizes properly prevents any chance of discomfort for those of us with small or large noses. Nasivent will immediately alleviate the symptoms of dry mouth, and has been designed so that it does not irritate the mucous in your nose (which is more than can be said for other products). It was also designed so that you can comfortably sleep on your side without being forced to breathe through your mouth.



Even though Nasivent is slightly more expensive than similar products, it’s well worth the investment. You can’t go wrong with a product like this. It has been approved by the FDA and tested by the OTC-E.T.N. The material is safe. It aids with dry mouth, can be worn by anyone, and allows the user to sleep on their side. Not bad for a product meant to stop snoring and Sleep Apnea.

If this seems like something that could benefit your quality of life, don’t hesitate to pick one up online through, where it has received several positive reviews.