Sleep right dental guard review

sleep-right-dental-guard-1Now here’s a device that’s useful on multiple levels. The SleepRight Dental Guard not only helps you out with your snoring, but it also prevents nighttime Bruxism, or teeth grinding. Unhealthy sleeping patterns have been proven to cause a mountain of problems, such as stress, anxiety, sluggishness, and depression. Severe snoring can interrupt your sleeping patterns, and nighttime Bruxism certainly can as well.

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Product features and benefits

The SleepRight Dental Guard is a device you put in your mouth while you sleep. It has an adjustable fit and it is made out of safe materials. Of the many snoring and Bruxism prevention products out there, this one stands above the rest as being very high quality.

This Product is BPA and Latex Free

sleep-right-dental-guardBPA (or Bisphenol A) is a chemical that has been used for years in plastic containers, and in some devices such as this. This product has been deemed safe for years, but the Food and Drug Administration recently found that it may be unsafe, and have decided to perform more tests before putting their seal of approval on devices containing BPA.

Latex isn’t an inherently dangerous material, but some are severely allergic to it. Those with a Latex allergy can develop rashes or blisters from coming in contact with it, and in some rare cases, contact with latex can be fatal. That being said, the SleepRight Dental Guard (unlike other similar products) is entirely Latex free, meaning that it’s safe for anyone to use.

It Lasts About Half a Year

Even though this product is relatively inexpensive, nobody wants to waste their time and money on something that won’t last a long time. Otherwise what’s the point? If you have both Bruxism and snoring problems, the SleepRight Dental Guard will last you roughly five months. That’s almost half a year of sound sleep and refreshing wakefulness. I’ve used this in the past and would not hesitate to purchase it a second time. One reviewer on Amazon said that they “have been using this product for approximately five years,” and that “Since using the night guard I no longer experience headaches or ear problems when waking up in the a.m.”

This Product Was Designed By A Dentist to Fit Perfectly

Not only is this device comfortable, but it can also be adjusted several times to fit your mouth. Nobody has the exact same set of teeth, and the developers took that into consideration when designing this product. I found that, when compared to other products, the fitting process was incredibly quick. You adjust it to your liking and that’s it. It can literally be fitted in seconds! No boiling or other potentially long processes to concern yourself with. I can not stress how simple this is.

The “bite” part of the guard is only placed between a couple teeth, meaning that the device is hardly noticeable while you sleep. With that in mind, the pads are wide and thick, so your teeth are still guaranteed protection from excessive grinding.

It Comes at a Reasonable Price

You really can’t go wrong with the SleepRight Dental Guard. My sleep has been infinitely more comfortable and refreshing since purchasing the product and, considering the durability, you can potentially have a better night’s sleep for around 50 dollars a month! Other products out there might be slightly cheaper, but when you consider the value and durability of this dental guard, a few extra dollars could be the difference between constantly waking up in the middle of the night and starting your days refreshed.


All in all, this is well worth a try if you have Bruxism or snoring problems. I used to be woken up several times a night by my own snoring and teeth grinding, and that’s all changed since I tried this out. On top of that, it was designed by a dentist and is free of BPA and Latex.

You can start trying out the SleepRight Dental Guard in no time by purchasing one from, where over 60 people have given it a 5 star rating.