Sleepright nasal breathe aid review

Not all of us are blessed with the gift of getting a sound night’s sleep. I’ve had a major snoring problem ever since I was a young teen, and Sleep Apnea runs in my family. The SleepRight Breathing Aid has been a major help for me and others I know. It’s not a cure for Sleep Apnea, but some have said that it has worked wonders in alleviating many of the symptoms that go along with both Sleep Apnea and chronic snoring.

The SleepRight Breathing Aid is a flexible device that is placed into the nose before the user falls asleep. Once the device is inserted, it proceeds to gently keep the nasal passages open throughout the night. Unobstructed nasal passages are the key to eliminating many of the symptoms related to snoring and Sleep Apnea. Here are some other reasons you may want to consider using this product.

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Benefits of Sleepright nasal breathe aid

It Can Be Used With A CPAP Machine

A CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) Machine a mechanism that all sufferers of Sleep Apnea are required to wear at night. It’s a small machine that sits on the bedside table, and it provides a continuous flow of air into the mouth and nose of the sleeping individual. Sleep Apnea is a condition that involves the temporary closing of a person’s airways, so a machine like this is crucial.

However there are still instances where, even if you’re hooked up to a machine such as this, you still may suffer from some symptoms. That’s where the SleepRight Breathing Aid comes in. Many users of this product have said that, when combined with their CPAP machine, they’ve seen a miraculous change. No more being woken up by your own snoring in the middle of the night or any other bothersome symptoms, just the good night’s rest we all deserve.

Cheap and Portable

The package comes with three disposable devices that can potentially be used for up to a month, as well as a portable carrying case. Some articles online may report that these can only be used for fifteen days, but I’ve found that if I clean mine on a daily basis and put them away in the storage case to dry, they’ll last me roughly twice that time.

As long as you take care of it, you’ll get three months of better sleep (which leads to happier days). If you’ve already made the investment in a CPAP machine, or if you can’t afford a CPAP machine due to a lack of medical insurance, you can’t afford to pass this up.

The portable carrying case allows you to take your product anywhere. It’s perfect for those who travel a lot, especially if you travel long distances by bus or plane on a regular basis. If you’re constantly on the go, you never know if a flight or bus could get delayed. The carrying case allows you to have great sleep no matter where you end up.

Great for Allergies

Don’t think this is something that’s only meant to be used while you sleep. Many of us are plagued by allergies in the Spring, and this is something that can play a major role in alleviating the clogged nasal pathways that unfortunately go hand-in-hand with Spring allergies.

One Size Fits All Design

I’ll admit, when I first wore the SleepRight Breathing Aid, I thought it felt a little awkward. I’ve seen a few negative reviews on Amazon describe this as well. This is only a mild discomfort and I found that it was gone after a few days. Of course your body is going to react to something being put in your nose, but after one or two nights you won’t notice a thing. Trust me. Any mild (and temporary) discomfort is heavily overshadowed by the many benefits of the SleepRight Breathing Aid.

More Comfortable than Adhesive Strips

Not only is this breathing aid less expensive than any adhesive strips out there claiming to do the same thing, but several people, myself included, find them to be a far more comfortable alternative. No need to worry about adhesives irritating the flesh on your nose, the SleepRight Breathing Aid contains no chemicals and, as I said earlier, is barely noticeable.


To recap, I think it’d be foolish not to give this product a shot if you suffer from snoring or Sleep Apnea. It’s inexpensive, can be used with a CPAP machine, helps with allergies, and is more comfortable than adhesive strips.

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