Snore no more pillow review

Do you wake up several times in the middle of the night, but have no idea why? It might be because of snoring.

Ever since middle school I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night because of my own snoring. At the time, I just thought that was how I slept, but it wasn’t until recently that my spouse pointed out that I seem to be waking up when my snoring gets loud enough.

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Interrupted sleep can lead to a number of problems that can greatly diminish your quality of life, and though there are a number of solutions out there, I’ve found that The Science of Sleep’s “Snore No More” pillow does a great job of keeping my snoring to a minimum.

This pillow is a great alternative for those who want to do something about their snoring, but are uncomfortable about the idea of putting something in their nose or mouth as a solution. This is an affordable pillow that is great for any kind of sleeper, and I found that it helped me out with a bit more than snoring. Here are a few of the reasons I decided to go with the Snore No More pillow.

Benefits of the Snore no more pillow

It Provides Great Neck Support

Like any other pillow of this category, it takes some getting used to. If you’re the type of person that needs a pillow, odds are you’re a very tense sleeper. Pillows of this nature require you to relax, and after a week or so your body will adjust to the pillow and that’s when you’ll begin to see serious results.

One of my favorite aspects of the pillow is the half-circle located at the bottom. I didn’t understand it purpose at first, but I soon found that it’s designed to cradle your neck in a way that provides a full, refreshing sleep that I had not experienced in a while. Don’t get frustrated with it on the first day, adjusting to this pillow is well worth your effort.

It’s Good For the Spine

It doesn’t matter if you sleep on your back or on your side, this pillow will adjust to you if you use it properly. Once you adjust to this pillow, you’ll find that it gently conforms to your spine. You only have one spine, so why settle for a pillow that could damage it? A pillow of this nature is also infinitely helpful if you’ve already suffered an injury to the neck or spine.

The Snore No More pillow will only help your spine, and considering spinal damage can lead to some severe conditions such as paralysis, you can’t afford to take any chances. A bad spine or back can greatly limit your enjoyment of life, so take that into consideration if this applies to you.

Naturally Prevents Snoring

Like I said, I mainly purchased this pillow as a way to prevent my snoring. The Snore No More Pillow has an interesting method of putting a stop to snoring. The pillow is designed to lift your chin slightly above your chest. This allows for your airways to open up in a way that not only encourages healthier breathing but eliminates (or greatly reduces) any incidence of snoring. This pillow was designed by a certified doctor to provide the greatest comfort while ensuring healthy sleep.

Snore No More is Affordable Comparing to Competition

This pillow is less than half the price of many of its competitors. According to, it’s also the number one selling snore reduction pillow out there. These are some facts to consider while making your choice. Unlike disposable nasal strips or other potentially uncomfortable or invasive devices, this product will last you as long as you take care of it. Sure, it may be more expensive than other snore prevention products out there, but I found that it killed two birds with one stone by eliminating both my snoring and morning discomfort.


So not only will this device eliminate snoring and morning neck aches, but it’s great for the spine, was recommended by a doctor, and comes in at half the price of your average therapeutic sleeping pillow.

I’d highly recommend anyone with snoring or sleep problems to pick up a Snore No More Pillow at