SP Medical super deluxe chin strap review

Those of us with Sleep Apnea know how much of a hassle it can be to use a CPAP machine, and I’ve heard quite a few users complain about having problems keeping their mouths closed at night. Not only is this an annoying problem to have, but it keeps you from getting everything out of your CPAP machine.

If you use a CPAP machine, but can’t help sleeping with your mouth open, it can lead to dry mouth, which has been shown to lead to a whole number of potentially severe health complications. Thanks to the SP “Super Deluxe CPAP Chin Strap,” this is a simple problem with an even simpler solution.

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Any of us who are required to sleep with a CPAP machine are well aware of how much these machines cost. They’re not cheap, especially if you don’t have any medical insurance. So why wouldn’t you spend a little more money to get the most you can out of your machine?

Here are a few reasons I think the SP Super Deluxe CPAP Chin Strap might be a good idea if you’re having problems using your machine.

Benefits of the SP Medical super deluxe chin strap

One Size Fits All

SP Medical has created a device that stands out from many competitors in that it’s made out of a material that gently conforms to the head of the user. If you find that it feels a little tight, just adjust the tightness of the band by adjusting the velcro strip. No worrying about accidentally purchasing the wrong size here, just put it on and start enjoying a better night’s sleep immediately. This is as easy as it gets, folks.

The Band is Wide and Comfortable

Plenty of similar devices are smaller and less comfortable. This strap comfortably fits under your chin, and the width allows for it to feel more like you’re wearing a mask than an uncomfortable rubber band. The concept of this product is ridiculously simple, but SP Medical (also known as AG Industries) took that concept and worked with it to give you a product that will only allow you to benefit from using your CPAP machine.

No More Waking Up With Dry Mouth

The main reason one would want to buy a product like this is because they’re CPAP machine will typically leave them waking up with dry mouth. That’s because the machine is designed to push air into your lungs, eliminating any of the temporary blockages that are typical of Sleep Apnea sufferers. If you sleep with your mouth open, it’s going to leave you waking up in the morning with dry mouth, which can become very annoying and potentially leave you feeling grumpy throughout the day. This strap helps you sleep comfortably with a closed mouth and eliminates your chances of waking up with an uncomfortable dry mouth.

A Simple, Affordable Design

The SP Medical strap is composed of one large strap to hold your mouth closed, and two slightly smaller straps to help secure the device and provide maximum comfort. Considering the fact that it could allow you to get the most out of a machine that costs several hundred dollars, it’s a worthy investment.

Dry mouth is a seemingly harmless condition, but you leave yourself open to a number of increasingly severe symptoms if you’re waking up with it every single morning. Some of side-effects of constant dry mouth include cracked lips, mouth sores, trouble swallowing food, and it can eventually lead to an infection in the mouth. It would be awful to develop any of these conditions when they could have been prevented for a device that costs not that much.


All in all, this strap will provide you with a greater amount of comfort than much of the competition. It’s relatively inexpensive, has a great design, and was developed by professionals. I think this product is of higher quality than many of the competitors, and I have yet to hear anyone complain about it. This will also last for years if you take proper care of it.

If your CPAP machine is leaving you waking up with an uncomfortable dry mouth every morning, buy one of these straps at Amazon.com today.