The Doctors Nightguard Advanced Comfort review

This is perfect for anyone who suffers from Bruxism. I’ve had this condition for quite some time, and, for me, it primarily flares up while I’m asleep. According to the National Library of Medicine, sleep-related Bruxism can lead to anxiety, stress, depression, headache, insomnia, and a sore jaw. Doctor’s Nightguard Advanced Comfort can help put a stop to sleep-related Bruxism, which will ultimately prevent any of the other aforementioned problems.

The procedure is also simple: just put it in your mouth before you go to sleep and begin enjoying an immensely more restful sleep. That being said, there’s a whole an overwhelming array of similar Bruxism prevention products out there, so here are a few factors that allow the Doctor’s Nightguard Advanced Comfort sleep device to stick out from the rest.

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Product features and benefits

An Unbeatable Design

The Doctor’s Nightguard Advanced Comfort device is designed so no extraneous material sits between your outer teeth and inner lips. This lets you close your mouth comfortably while you sleep. Your lips still come together naturally and you’re able to rest easy without worrying about any annoying nighttime grinding. It’s also important to note that a certified dentist designed this product, so rest assured that you’re in good hands.

It’s Cheaper than Many Alternatives

I was surprised to find that this product works just as well (and sometimes better) than some of the alternatives offered by dentists.
Here’s just one of the many positive testimonies from The one I got from my dentist cost several hundred dollars, was hard and inflexible and I always hated it.. With no dental insurance I gave this a try and was pleasantly surprised. It’s far more comfortable than what I got from the dentist.”
Not everyone has spectacular dental insurance, especially in this economy. The Doctor’s Nightguard Advanced Comfort mouthpiece could end up saving you a lot of money and hardship in the future.

It Specifically Molds to Your Teeth

We all have slightly different sets of teeth. Some of us have overbites, while others have underbites. No mouth is exactly the same, and that’s why it’s crucial to have a product that can specifically mold to yours. A firm lower layer prevents you from biting through the mold and destroying the product, and the fitting process is ridiculously simple. All you have to do is put the mold in boiling water for 50 seconds and then fit it to your teeth. It only took me a little under 10 minutes to fit mine. The step-by-step fitting instructions also allow for the mold to be continuously reshaped.

This Product is Built to Last

If you carefully follow all of the step-by-step instructions included with the product, they should last about a quarter of a year. Mine lasted me a little over three months, and you can’t go wrong when you consider the quality of the product along with the extremely affordable price. I’ve heard people say that this is better than the sleep guard their dentist provided them, many of which cost several hundred dollars. I personally feel that it’s well worth it to spend first and be treated to quarter year’s worth of easier sleep than to dish out a few hundred for something I may not even like. The benefits of a full night’s sleep are large, and it would be ludicrous to not give it the benefit of the doubt.


The Doctor’s NightGuard Advanced Comfort sleeping device has done wonders for my Bruxism, and has left me waking up in a better mood with more energy. If you suffer from Bruxism, you owe it to yourself to try this out. It’s easy to mold, and it was designed by a certified Dentist. Don’t spend another night being tortured by your own teeth.

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