Therapeutica Sleeping pillow review

Poor sleeping habits can lead to a number of unwanted side effects, and have a noticeably negative effect on your quality of life. Studies have shown that poor sleep habits can lead to depression, this is because a lack of proper sleep prevents your brain cells from replenishing properly.

Depression is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the problems a lack of sleep can give you. Sluggishness, irritability, and slower thinking are a few additional problems that can brought on by small amounts of sleep.

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That being said, some of us just have trouble sleeping properly. I used to wake up several times in the night, and in the morning I’d have a sore neck and joints. I’m happy to say that all of this has changed since I purchased the Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow.Therapeutica really pulled out all the stops on this one, and I can honestly say that it’s one of the most comfortable pillows I’ve ever used. Here are a few reasons why I think this pillow is an absolutely incredible investment.

Benefits of the Therapeutica Sleeping pillow

It Allows For Both Back And Side Sleeping

We all sleep differently. Some of us sprawl out, some sleep on our backs, and others sleep on their sides. This pillow doesn’t force you to sleep in any particular manner. It conforms to your sleeping pattern and does everything to improve on what you’re already used to. The design may be misleading, but once you adjust yourself to this pillow, it will adjust itself to you.

There is a correct way to sleep on the pillow, and many people have made the mistake of improperly positioning their heads on the pillow. Doing so can lead to mild headaches, but rest assured that it only takes a few nights to really get accustomed to the proper positioning. Any mild discomfort caused by the pillow is heavily outweighed by the inherent benefits it can provide.

Therapeutica Comes in Five Different Sizes

The manufacturers at Therapeutica were certainly aware of the fact that a pillow like this just simply couldn’t be produced in a “one size fits all” format. That’s why they’ve created five different sizes (Average, Child Size, Large Adult, Extra Large, and Petite) for all different kinds of people.

Prevents Muscle Strain and Headaches

I used to wake up with a headache and a sore neck most mornings, but after using this pillow I’ve found that I’m feeling much more refreshed. As I said before, there is a period of adjustment that you have to go through before getting the most out of the pillow. You may end up waking up even more sore if you do not use the pillow properly. I found that after about a week or two I was feeling incredible.

This is because, if you constantly wake up with a sore neck in the morning, your body needs to adjust to sleeping in a relaxed state. It’s altogether possible that you’ve been training yourself to sleep in a tense manner, and this pillow is the key to helping your body “unlearn” that tense mode of sleep. Trust me when I say the adjustment period is well worth it.

Five Year Warranty

Therapeutica has made a quality product here, and while the price is reasonable, it’s not cheap. That’s why the five year warranty was really what sealed the deal for me when I purchased this. The folks at Therapeutica have essentially guaranteed that they will refund or replace your pillow if it loses its shape or resiliency.

Once you take this into consideration, the price begins to seem more than reasonable when you realize you’re paying for five years of better sleep.